Regrind & Downsizing

The objective of regrinding and/or downsizing inserts is to effectively reuse used carbide inserts. We look at tooling as an unavoidable incurred cost to you; so why not get the most life possible out of these tools?

Regrinds and downsized inserts generally run at approximately ½ the cost of a new insert. Of course, the quantities ordered affect pricing and monthly blanket releases will offer the best savings. Regrinds are treated as new tools, being held to the same high standards with tight, consistent tolerances, thus they give up nothing in terms of performance and life to new.

Another feature, North American Carbide will credit the customer for scrap carbide that cannot be reclaimed. Just ship your used carbide to us and we will sort and identify what can be reworked and you will be credited for the unusable carbide. On-site evaluation is also offered at no extra cost.