North American Carbide has joined ARCH Cutting Tools and is making the transition to operating as ARCH Cutting Tools – Orchard Park. This change broadens our product offerings to customers and strengthens our position as Your Complete Tool Making Authority®.

Quality Control

Employing continuous improvement and statistical process control for the highest quality in insert manufacturing

North American Carbide Certifications

We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and have met the requirements to be considered a Quality Management System. To earn this certification, we have consistently proven that we provide products and services that meet regulatory requirements and we always aim to enhance customer satisfaction. Along with being ISO Certified, we have achieved Certified Supplier Status with several aerospace customers in the United States and Canada. 

Quality Initiatives

North American Carbide uses data-driven statistics to aid our quality team in process improvement. We remain proactive when it comes to quality assurance through the use of Measuring Vision Systems and QC Calc Statistical Software. Through these initiatives, we are able to hold the expected minimum of 1.33 Cpk. In-process statistical monitoring ensures conformance specification, process capability, and continuous improvement.

Measuring Vision Systems

With seven Measuring Vision Systems integrated throughout the shop, inserts are always being checked for dimensions and tolerances. This allows us to do real-time dimensional charting, which our quality team uses to optimize the process. Using a non-contact visual inspection allows us to inspect grind quality as well as dimensional tolerances simultaneously.

QC Calc Statistical Software

SPC tools such as the tablets containing QC Calc Statistical software allow operators to make adjustments in real-time, offering up-to-date data and charting. QC Calc Statistical Software is used in both Measuring Vision Systems and digital hard gages. The data collected from these methods is saved on our servers to provide permanent records whenever needed.


Modern vision system inspection equipment