North American Carbide has joined ARCH Cutting Tools and is making the transition to operating as ARCH Cutting Tools – Orchard Park. This change broadens our product offerings to customers and strengthens our position as Your Complete Tool Making Authority®.


We have been proudly serving the Aerospace industry for over the past 40 years. In this industry, the use of high heat resistant, titanium, and aluminum alloys have all become common in the manufacturing of aerospace parts. All of these materials present obstacles since they are extremely hard to machine. At North American Carbide our job is to find a solution to these complications. We know the smallest details matter, and our services make sure that nothing gets overlooked. We have a wide range of grades that have all been proven to make sure you get the most functional, timely, and cost effective insert to ensure a smooth process.

Some of these grades are as follows:

  • NS3000: whisker reinforced ceramic
  • NS3600: high performance coated whisker reinforced ceramic
  • NS713: high-performance CBN for increased speed in continuous machining
  • NS590: high-performance CBN; our first choice where edge toughness is required
  • NS25: high performance approved carbide for finishing & meeting the high demands of Aerospace machining

The above grades are just a few examples of the wide variety we have to offer. Contact us today to get some more information on the grades and inserts used in the aerospace industry. Also, don’t forget to ask about how our regrinding and downsizing programs can provide you with instant cost savings.