North American Carbide has joined ARCH Cutting Tools and is making the transition to operating as ARCH Cutting Tools – Orchard Park. This change broadens our product offerings to customers and strengthens our position as Your Complete Tool Making Authority®.

Ceramic, Silicon Nitride, Whiskered Ceramic, SiAlon

Ceramics are an excellent alternative to carbide in machining. Ceramics offer a highly cost-effective solution to many application needs when combined with regrinding and downsizing methods. At North American Carbide, we offer Whiskered Ceramic, Silicon Nitride, SiAlON, and many more to fit all of our clients’ varying application requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Heat resistant

Additionally, we provide ceramic tipped inserts which is a great way to speed up the machining process without implementing a full tooling change. With our competitive pricing and ability to hold tight tolerances, these have been a huge success with our customers.

Our Ceramic Options

The following are some examples of ceramics we offer. Contact us to learn more about our extensive array of other ceramic offerings, including both hot and cold-pressed aluminum oxide-based grades.

  • NS3000 & NS3600

    NS3000 is our whisker reinforced ceramic used mainly for machining alloy materials. Commonly called “green ceramic” it has proved to be an extremely competitive replacement for other whiskered ceramics. Ask about our coated options for an even better tool life.

    Best Application: High nickel alloys

  • NYS2000

    NYS2000, a premium SiAlON material, also called “brown ceramic,” has had major success in field testing against leading SiAlON materials. We have especially seen at par or better performance in milling of high nickel alloys.

    Best Application: High nickel alloys & hardened steel

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