North American Carbide has joined ARCH Cutting Tools and is making the transition to operating as ARCH Cutting Tools – Orchard Park. This change broadens our product offerings to customers and strengthens our position as Your Complete Tool Making Authority®.

Grinding Capabilities

A brief overview of our capabilities:

North American Carbide offers a full range of grinding capabilities, including periphery grinding, vertical surface grinding, horizontal surface grinding, and edge preparation. Our in-house manufacturing is capable of producing standard inserts, special inserts, and can also grind to customer blueprints. Many of our machines are equipped with in-process measuring, wheel compensation with auto regeneration as well as the ability to produce SPC documentation and individual report for customers. We will work closely with our customers to decide what requirements we need to fulfill.

Periphery Grinding

This grinding is done by reducing the diameter or I.C. (inscribed circle) of an insert to produce a specific size to tolerance ranging from +/- .001 to +/- .0002 of an inch.

The machines are capable of in-process measuring, wheel compensation (for wear), auto wheel regeneration, robotic load and unload, as well as the ability to document SPC control.

Horizontal Surface Grinding

A large number of processes are accomplished on these machines by utilizing hundreds of different fixtures and form wheels. Machines are programmable and capable of holding very tight tolerances.

Edge Preparation

We have the ability to provide any size hone or land on all materials: carbide, ceramics, PCD, CBN, etc.

Form Grinding

A bank of state of the art CNC grinders with a large array of capabilities compile this department. Once again, fully robotic with in-process gaging, combined with our secondary vision measuring gives us the ability to hold extremely tight tolerances on form dimensions and can reapply detailed results per insert to the customer.