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Standard or Custom: Which Carbide Insert is Right for You?

Oct 19, 2021 | Carbide Inserts

At North American Carbide, we offer carbide insert solutions to fit all of our clients’ varying needs. From specific geometry requirements to unique industry applications, we work with any client specifications to produce the most advanced, well-rounded offerings in the industry. Below is a comparison between our standard and custom design process capabilities to aid you in determining which direction is right for you.


Our wide variety of inventory provides our customers with many standard geometry options to choose from. Once the client has made their choice, ordering is straightforward and the product is shipped the same day. Our standard selection is for clients who know exactly what they want and are looking for the superior customer service that comes with ordering a standard carbide part from NAC.

Benefits of the Standard Process:

  • On the shelf inventory to choose from
  • Same-day shipping
  • Less expensive than competitors offering the same parts
  • Standard insert size fits most machine pockets
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In this instance, our clients provide us with their specific requirements and we work together to develop the ideal solution for each individual project. Our highly skilled team of engineers at NAC typically engages in some form of reverse engineering during custom projects. This involves the assessment of a client’s current manufacturing design or print part, from which our engineers create a unique, custom insert tailored to their specific needs.

Benefits of the Custom Process:

  • No additional engineering fee
  • Reverse engineering and full tool design capabilities
  • Wide variety of industry applications
  • High quality/tight tolerances
  • ISO 2015 standard repeatability

We generate carbide inserts for multiple industries and are constantly seeking to further develop our reach, cultivating deeply invested client relationships as we go.
We serve the following industries:

Above all, our ability to work within whatever parameters our clients provide sets us apart from the rest. We never require minimum or maximum order amounts and maintain ISO 2015 quality standards. Each part is rigorously tested to ensure our customers are always receiving our best. Whether you decide on a standard or custom carbide insert, NAC’s years of industry experience and history of dedicated client relationships make us your go-to spot for leading industry options.